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Company Summary

Jensonic Corp; supported by our factories in Taiwan and China whom has extended experience in product development and R&D in hardware, software, mechanical, engineering and quality management. With over 10 years of experience in multimedia & consumer fields; allows Jensonic, Corp to converge all related resource and man power to develop various trend products; Jensonic, Corp won't be confined to single industrial product developing as usual design house, we aim to assist customers to quickly move ahead with their market product introduction plan by relying on Jensonic, Corp to manage all products development related steps and activities.

Our Mission

To be the top Electronic import and distribution company in the U.S by creating an atmosphere that is inviting to everyone from the first time buyer to the seasoned electronics veteran. And the newest in startup companies to the established corporations in need of superior products at promising prices. We achieve our mission by delivering outstanding support, and constantly implementing new ways to make Jensonic fun and profitable.

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