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Why need SurgeMaster in your family?

 What is it to dash for ward the wave?
    A kind of transient electric current, voltage appearing in the circuit fluctuate, it usually lasts about 1/1000000 seconds in the circuit, it is known as the overload voltage of the transient state again to dash for ward the wave.

Dash for ward the source of the wave?
    The main source is the thunder and lightning. Equal to, electric charge energy electric charge energy contrary to polarity that the surface of cloud gather that store in cloud, having produced the thunder and lightning, and the electric charge electric potential of cloud and ground will be up to several million v. When striking by lightning, the electric current by several KA and discharges through the electricity, through all apparatus and earth carriage return cloud, thus finished the thorough fare of the electricity. If the thunder and lightning hits the nearby power line, some electric current will enter the building along the line, the electric current of this burst of enormous ones will upset or destroy the computer and other sensitive electric equipment directly, its high speed, the whole journey one takes millionth  Second.
Dash for ward the wave danger to the computer and other accurate electric equipment?
    When dashing for ward the wave and going beyond the range that the computer can bear, the computer will present messy yard, the chip is damaged, the part wears out ahead of time, the materials mistake unable to estimate in advance, receive / convey the materials and fail, the materials are lost, the unable normal operation of the computer function, often need maintaining, questions such as the trouble with unidentified reason,etc.. So has dashed for ward the wave and far gone beyond the range that the computer and other electric equipment can bear in the thunder and lightning, most situations will cause the destroying of the computer and other electric equipment, or the losing forever of the materials. Will produce dashing for ward the wave of 2000-5000V even if it is the start or closing of a small-scale inductor, so and it share the same power computer or electric apparatus of extension line in dashing for ward wave can damage or interfere with each, and this kind of number of times of dashing for ward the wave is very frequent.
Have not we already avoided the electric needle to discharge?
    Most people thought that so long as had lightning rods to discharge and can be settled down, install on building lightning rod of top can only make thunder and lightning that hit directly discharge, shunt, enter through lightning rod earth prevent building from strike by lightning woundedding actually, so the lightning rod can not protect your sensitive electric equipment of home.
What electric equipment are damaged to dash for ward the wave?
    The electric equipment which contain the miniature processor are aptest to be dashed for ward the damaging of the wave, including computer, perimeter, server, fax-machine, telephone,etc.. The electrical home appliances products include TV, stereo, microwave oven, video cassette recorder, washing machine, the universe clothing machine and refrigerator,etc.. The survey materials of U.S.A. reveal, in the electric equipment products going wrong in protecting firm one, 63% all cause because of dashing for ward the wave. People unable to prevent from, dash for ward that wave attack. Such enormous one dashes for ward the wave and can destroy host computer board, modem, network card and other network equipment on its circuit during the process of releasing to the earth. 
Why must dash for ward the wave to protect?
   No matter at home or in office, average to have over 150 times electricity interfere with, take place every year, some areas will even exceed 400 times!
   IBM estimates your computer has more than 125 times electricity to interfere with happening each month!  
   A small-scale one generate electricity wave and electric current rise and fall, can damage sensitivity higher electronic product slowly suddenly   Several years ago, general computer chip have only 2,000 electric crystal at 3/8 area, but chip of Pentium there is over 10,000,000 electric crystal now!  
   Sudden electric wave and electric current will enter your electronic product by way of the following while rising and falling: For example general cable / plug, general three - hole plug can carry, generate electricity wave suddenly too. (the cable of telephone wire, TV, network line)

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